Anime Blues Con 2013 was last weekend and I had a great time at it! The place was packed and people the traffic was nonstop. Even though I was running on very little sleep, somehow I had enough energy to pull through each day at my artist booth! haha. I had some great neighbors like the folks behind Manga Candy which were so nice and a blast to talk with throughout the con. I was surprised at how many con attendees were also artists and I enjoyed the chats we had. I had to start turning down commissions because they were piling up and business was steady, but I got to do a few cool ones. I enjoyed the propaganda Amon one the most. The commissioner most likely got it autographed by Steve Blum who was a guest, so he would’ve seen my work. :D Got him & Wendee Lee to sign my Cowboy Bebop discs on the last day!

Much thanks to all the people who stopped by, added me on tumblr, or deviantart. I want to come back next year for sure!

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