Currently Closed

I hope to open back up later in the year as cons wind down. Thanks.

Have a character you like? I take requests and can draw them for you. See below for prices.

Sketch Commission(8.5×11) – $15

Inked (Line Art) Commission(8.5×11) – $20

Color Commission (Traditional)(8.5×11) – $35

Color Commission (Digital)(8.5×11) – $40

Color Commission (Digital)(11×17) – $60

These are full page waist up drawings available in traditional or digital. Cost is + $5 for shipping out originals for traditional drawings. Otherwise you will receive a high res file of the finished image. Prices vary depending on what is wanted. Additional characters or more detailed backgrounds are extra. Fullbody option only available on 11×17 version. A price will be agreed upon before beginning. There are certain things I won’t draw and I’ll let you know if I don’t feel comfortable drawing it.



Please be as specific as you can and provide an image reference when requesting a commission. Mention things like desired pose, personality, colors(if needed), etc.

You’ll receive a selection of thumbnail sketches to choose from.

A link to the high res scan of the final image.

I will start work on commissions once the payment is received. I prefer PAYPAL and it’s easy to get set up on too! I should be able to get the drawing finished within a week’s time, depending on the complexity & # of commissions I am currently working on. Send me an email to:

with any questions or requests. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can with where to send the payment/if I can draw your request.