Its March first. The weather suddenly cleared up today (which I appreciate), as if to say, “spring is on the way”. Looking forward to warmer temperatures and longer days although I can’t complain-its much colder up north. Just wanted to update you all on my convention schedule here. I received confirmation on 2 more cons I’ll be attending this year(first time for each). They are San Japan in July and Nebraskon during the Halloween weekend. Its looking to be another great year packed full of cons. I have some new drawings in my head that I’m excited to get done in the coming months. Look forward to them!

P.S. Twitch Plays Pokemon makes for a terrible distraction. Not only did I not get much accomplished this week because of it, but neither did the players of it(heh, all that bumping into walls and jumping off ledges). All kidding aside, it still was amazing to see the game finally cleared and all the lore/memes that were birthed from the fans. Now to see what they do with the sequel.:D

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