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One of my favorite game franchises, Megaman reaches its 25th Anniversary. I’ve wanted to put something together for it and this is the result. I played the X series as a kid, the Zero series as a teen, then experienced the classic series with the Megaman Anniversary Collection. Now to play through the Legends games!

Online lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of hate towards Capcom for the many Megaman games that have been canceled. While this does sadden me, remember that they are a business and they have to make money by choosing the projects they believe to be profitable. Perhaps they believe they’d be wasting their resources on a Megaman title right now. What’s a Megaman game without Inafune anyway? :( A new Megaman game without his direction sounds like a daunting task. Just be patient guys. With the Megaman/Sonic comic crossover, and the SSB4 appearance, he’s getting some more exposure which is great and could boost his popularity. This could help convince Capcom see the need for new games. They’ll get the hint…eventually.

So congrats to the Megaman series reaching 25 years of great games and music.

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