Last month I visited Missouri for Motaku and Louisiana for Mechacon. I enjoyed them both and appreciated everyone who came out. It was crazy just how many familiar artists I recognized at Motaku. This last year I’ve been going to more cons and so I’ve gotten to meet some great artists as neighbors or through other friends. Which is great.
Mechacon was fun especially, as I got to take advantage of the trolley system and avoid parking fees. Downtown New Orleans is notorious for charging to park, so I’m glad there were other options available. I got into a minor car accident on my way back home. I was feeling tired so I got off the highway and was waiting at the ramp for traffic to clear so I could continue. I was oblivious to the car ahead of me so I let up on the break and bumped into them. No one was hurt and the damage was minor, but it was so lame and could have easily been avoided if I was more aware. It was my first accident(if you can call it one) I’ve ever been in during all my years of driving. Now that record null. I still haven’t had to replace a flat tire yet, so I still have that going for me at least! Either way, these two cons were great and I’d like to come back next year if I can!

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